Armenian Heritage and Culture

This course is aimed at taking on a few broad spheres of the Armenian world. More than one instructor  will be offering multiple perspectives on the rich legacy of the nation through lectures and presentations that touch upon such topics as the origins of the Armenian people, twentieth-century Armenian history, including the Armenian Genocide, Soviet Armenia, and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, plus other policy issue areas; an overview of the economy of the Republic of Armenia, including the role of the Diaspora in it; insights into the geography of Armenia, as well as environmental issues facing the country; and also the heritage of the Armenian Church.
(3 credits)


The course will meet four times a week for 2.5 hour lectures. Off-campus excursions will serve as a key component of the curriculum. Over three weeks, the course comes to a total of 30 classroom hours, plus an additional minimum 15 contact hours in the field, amounting to 45 hours, or 3 credits.

Because of AUA’s American accreditation, the course will carry units which may be transferable to your home university according to their guidelines.

Please note that the Armenian Heritage and Culture course will be scheduled for mornings.

The language of instruction will be English.